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Tenant Handbook 

Service Request / Work Order System


Brookfield's goal is to provide outstanding tenant service at all times. This means: 

  1. Courteous, timely, efficient, high-quality responses to tenant requests
  2. A follow-up review to confirm that the tenant is satisfied with the response
  3. When there is a charge for the tenant service, clear and accurate invoicing

Each lease contains specific information about services to be provided, including complimentary and chargeable services. If a tenant is unfamiliar with charges for services being requested, the cost of the service will be explained.

Tenant services may be provided by Brookfield staff or by outside contractors hired by Brookfield. Authorized tenant representatives can submit requests for routine maintenance using the online Service Request System. 

With just a few easy steps you can submit a request for building service. Simply click on the link to the Service Request button on the Tenant Resources page, login with your personalized username and password, enter the necessary information, click submit and you are done!

Click here to login to the Service Request System. 

The following information contains detailed instructions for using the Service Request System.


  1. Enter you personalized user name and password
  2. Complete the Service Request by entering as much information as you can. Fields that are marked with a red asterisk are mandatory. Fields such as Property, Reported By, Reported by Phone, and Reported by E-mail will auto-fill based on your personalized login. The information contained in these fields cannot be changed.
  3. Select the type (service category) of the request.

Viewing Service Requests


  1. Click on View Service Request
  2. Select filters or accept the default parameters
  3. Click Go!

The system will display all your service requests. The most recent request will be on top. Scroll to find the request your company has created. Click on the request date for detailed information about the request.

Request Status Explanation 
Open (new) The request has been created but the Management Office has not processed it
In Progress The request has been accepted by the Management Office.
Work Completed The work requested has been completed. The request may be kept in this status due to follow-up activities
Closed The work requested and follow up activities have been completed
Cancelled The work order was cancelled by tenant or building office