601 & 701 S 12th Street

Tenant Handbook 

Moving Procedures 


Tenants are requested to contact the Management Office as far in advance of the move date as possible, but no less than two (2) weeks prior to any move in to or out of the Building, to coordinate the move and reserve the freight elevator. All move-ins/outs generally must take place after 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or on weekends and are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Additional Charges for loading dock personnel, elevator operators, and security guards to accomplish the move will be charged to you at prevailing rates.

As a brief checklist, please provide the following to the Management Office prior to your move in date:

  • Certificate of Insurance 
  • Tenant business telephone and fax numbers. At least two (2) after-hours emergency contacts (home telephone numbers) 
  • Directory designation (both corporate name and personnel) 
  • Four (4) Fire Warden designates and alternates per full floor occupancy 
  • Name of Tenant Administrative Liaison(s) and respective signature(s) of authorization 

You should receive from the Management Office the following information:

  • Emergency Information booklets for employees
  • Current list of building service charges

Arrangements should also be made with the Management Office for:

  • Access control cards 
  • Evacuation training for Floor Wardens and employees
  • Keys for offices and restrooms

The following rules pertain to moving furniture, equipment and supplies in and out 

  • The loading dock is the only building entrance permitted to be used for moves
  • Movers must carry insurance in accordance with the specifications in the Insurance Requirements section and provide a Certificate prior to the move
  • Clean masonite sections must be used as runners on all finished floor areas where furniture or equipment is being moved with wheel or skid-type dollies. The masonite must be at least one-fourth inch thick, 4' x 8' wide sheets in elevator lobbies and corridors, and 32" wide sheets through doors in Tenant Space. All sections of masonite must be taped to prohibit sliding
  • The mover must provide and install protective coverings on all walls, door facings, elevator cabs and other areas along the route to be a protective barrier. These areas are inspected for damage after the move
  •  Restoring any damage to the building or fixtures in connection with the move is the financial responsibility of the Tenant
  • The freight elevator is the only elevator used for the movement of furniture, equipment and supplies unless prior written approval to use additional elevators is obtained from the Management Office
  • Movers must make arrangements with the Management Office for use of the elevators for each move. A firm arrival time should be established for each day of a move
  • Management Supervision is required during the move. Tenant will only be charged for those hours that extend the normal shift of staff and porter
  • Movers are required to remove all boxes, trash, etc., when leaving the Building. Any materials left behind will be disposed of by building staff and charges for this disposal are billed to you with your next monthly rent.
  • Our building has a strict "No Smoking" Policy. Moving crews are not permitted to smoke in any area of the building
  • The Fire Department prohibits the blocking of any fire corridor, exit door, elevator lobby or of hallways. Moving vehicles should not be parked in marked "Fire Lanes"