601 & 701 S 12th Street

Tenant Handbook 

General Rules and Regulations


Brookfield strives to create the most positive environment possible for you and your employees to conduct business in an orderly clean and desirable premises. In order to maintain the positive business environment and minimize the interference by others, we anticipate your cooperation in observing the following Rules and Regulations prescribed by the Owner.  

Please note that the term 'Tenant’ as used in these Rules and Regulations includes its officers, agents, servants, employees, licensees and invitees.

After Hours Entry: Owner reserves the right after normal building hours to require that persons entering the Building identify themselves and establish their right to enter or to leave the Building.

Animals & Bicycles: Tenant shall not bring into the Building, or keep in or around the premises any insect or animal, or bicycles (wheelchairs, seeing eye dogs, and baby carriages excepted). Bicycle racks are provided for tenant's use in an area designated by the Management Office.


No additional locks shall be placed on any door in the Building, which are incompatible with the master keying system. Owner may at all times keep a passkey to all leased or occupied premises. All keys shall be returned to Owner promptly upon termination of each lease. 

Material Movement:

The movement of furniture, equipment, machines, merchandise or material within, into or out of the leased premises and the Building shall be restricted to time, method and routing as determined by Owner upon request from Tenant, and Tenant shall assume all liability and risk to property, the premises leased or occupied by it, and the Building in such move. 

Owner's Reservation of Rights:

Owner reserves the right to rescind, alter or waive any rule or regulation at any time prescribed for the Building when, in its judgment, in the interests of all Tenants, and no alteration or waiver of any rule or regulation in favor of one Tenant shall operate as an alteration or waiver in favor of any other Tenant. Owner shall not be responsible to any Tenant for the non-observance or violation by any other Tenant or any of the rules of regulations at any time prescribed for the Building. 

Plumbing Systems:

The plumbing facilities, lavatories and janitor closets shall not be used for any other purposes than for which they are constructed, respectively, and no rubbish, rags, sweepings, and/or any other harmful damaging or foreign substance of any kind shall be thrown in them, and the expense or any breakage, stoppage, or damage resulting from a violation of this provision shall be borne by Tenant. 

Premises Infestation:

If the premises become infested with vermin due to Tenant deliveries or acts or omissions of Tenant, Tenant at its sole cost and expense, shall cause such premises to be exterminated from time to time, to the satisfaction of Owner and shall employ such exterminators as shall be approved by Owner. 

Quiet Enjoyment:

Tenant shall not permit the operation of any musical or sound-producing instruments or devices which may be heard outside the leased premises or the Building, or which may emanate electrical waves which will impair radio or television reception from or in the Building.

Roof Access:

Admittance to the roof of the Building is done only upon the written consent of Owner. 

Sales or Auctions:

No space in the Building shall be used for manufacturing, public sales or auctions. 

Signal Communication:

If Tenant desires signal communication, alarm or other utility or service connections installed or changed, such work shall be done at the expense of Tenant, with the prior written approval and under the direction of Owner. 

Signs & Advertising:

No sign, door plaque, advertisement or notice shall be displayed, painted or affixed by Tenant in or on any part of the outside or inside of the Building or parking facilities without prior written consent of Owner. 

Smoke Free:

This property is a smoke free building. Smoking (including electronic and vapor cigarettes) is prohibited in any of the Common Areas of the Building or in the tenant's premises.  All cigarettes and related trash shall be disposed of in trash receptacles and not on the sidewalk, parking lot or grass. 

Soliciting & Peddling:

Canvassing, soliciting, peddling, and distribution of handbills and other advertising material in the Building is prohibited. Tenant shall cooperate to prevent the same and shall promptly report such activities to the Management Office. 


Owner has the right, but not the obligation, to restrict Tenant from bringing into the Building, or keeping on the premises, any weapon including but not limited to firearms, knives, shotguns and similar items.


Blind Closing: Each Tenant shall cooperate with Owner in obtaining maximum effectiveness of the cooling system by closing blinds or drapes when the sun's rays fall directly on windows of the premises leased or occupied by Tenant.

Building Image: Tenant shall not advertise the business, profession or activities of Tenant in any manner which violates the letter or spirit of any code of ethics adopted by any recognized association or organization, or use the name of the Building for any purpose other than that of the business address of Tenant, or use any picture or likeness of the Building or the Building name or logo in any letterheads, envelopes, circulars, or notices, without Owner's expressed consent in writing, which consent may be unreasonably withheld.

Entrance Obstruction: 
Tenant shall not block or obstruct any of the public sidewalk entries, parking areas or courtyards adjacent to the Building, passageways, doors, corridors, elevators, elevator doors, freight elevator lobbies, hallways or stairways of the Building.

Tenant shall not place, empty, or throw any rubbish, litter, trash or material of any nature into such areas, or permit such areas to be used at any time except for ingress or egress of Tenant, its licensees and invitees.

Finish Materials: All carpets, fabrics and furniture purchased for premises leased or occupied by Tenant shall conform to local and state fire codes.

Flammable Fluids: Tenant shall not bring into the premises or the Building any flammable fluids or explosives without written permission of Owner.

Glass Panel Doors: Glass panel doors that reflect or admit light into the passageways or into any place in the Building shall not be covered or obstructed by Tenant. Tenant shall not permit, erect or place drapes, furniture, fixtures, shelving, display cases or tables, lights, signs or advertising devices in front of or in proximity of interior or exterior windows, glass panels, or glass unless the same shall have first been approved by Owner.

Hand Trucks: Any hand trucks used in any space or public halls of the Building, either by Tenant or by jobbers or others, in the delivery or receipt of merchandise, shall be equipped with rubber tires and safeguards.

Large Item Disposal: Tenant shall have the responsibility of disposing of crates, boxes, etc., which will not fit into office wastepaper baskets and other unusual waste. In no event shall Tenant set such items in public hallways or other areas of the Building, except within the premises leased or occupied by Tenant, for disposal.