601 & 701 S 12th Street

Tenant Handbook 

Heightened Alert 

Local, national, or international events may dictate that additional measures should be put in place to ensure the safety of the building and its occupants. For example, extra security precautions may be necessary during a trial of defendants accused of serious crimes, or following actual incidents or threats of world terrorism. Brookfield’s goal is to institute appropriate security measures without undue inconvenience to building users. Such measures may include the following:

  • Extra or more frequent patrols by security officers, including areas outside the building, with special attention paid to apparently suspicious vehicles, suspicious persons loitering in the area, and unattended vehicles or packages
  • More frequent inspection of restroom facilities, stairwells, and trash receptacles
  • Higher security visibility
  • Greater attention paid to all persons or vehicles seeking to enter the building at loading docks and freight areas (loading docks and freight elevators may be closed)
  • Restrictions on building access

Please feel free to contact the Property Manager at any time about these or other security issues.