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Tenant Handbook 



The tenant construction work procedure is designed to provide efficient scheduling of work while protecting other tenants from unnecessary noise and inconvenience. 

Please contact the Property Management Office for the Building Rules and Regulations for Design and Construction of Tenant Work. This document contains detailed information to assist you in planning construction projects. Please review it carefully before design begins. 

Contact the Property Manager as the first step. The Property Manager will be happy to assist you in completing your project efficiently.

Incorporate the provisions of the attached document into all of your agreements and contracts. You will need written approval from the Property Manager before contracting any work.

At least four (4) weeks before construction provide two (2) sets of drawings and plans to the Property Manager for approval. The Property Manager must also approve your list of contractors and subcontractors.

At least two (2) weeks before construction, schedule a pre-construction meeting with the Property Management Team. Meeting materials should include detailed schedules; addresses and telephone numbers of supervisors, contractors and subcontractors: copies of permits; proof of current insurance (including all subcontractor); payment, performance and lien bonds; and notice of any contractor's involvement in a labor dispute.

We will generally require that you conduct noisy, disruptive or odor and dust producing work, as well as the delivery of construction materials, outside of regular business hours.

We expect all contractors to maintain safe and orderly conditions, labor harmony, and proper handling of any hazardous materials. MSDS sheets must be supplied to the management office. We may stop any work that does not meet the conditions outlined in the attached document.

Before occupying the completed space, submit the final certificate of occupancy and any other approvals to the Property Manager. We also require an air balancing report signed by a professional engineer and an "as built" set of drawings in AutoCAD format on disk and one (1) hard copy showing all of the work in full detail.

Please note that this summary highlights key aspects of the Building Rules and Regulations for Design and Construction of Tenant Work and does not supersede it in any way.