601 & 701 S 12th Street

Tenant Handbook 

Office Safety Tips

  • Valuables such as women’s purses should never be left unattended, even in areas where visitors seldom go and, especially in the reception area. Never leave a purse on the floor or underneath the desk or on top of a file cabinet—put them out of sight.
  • If you go shopping on your lunch hour, do not leave the packages exposed. Place the packages in a cabinet or drawer.
  • All visitors, including messengers and delivery personnel, should be watched while on your premises. Escort them to inner office or work areas, do not simply direct them.
  • Special care should be taken during the times most suited for pilferage - 30 minutes just after opening and before closing - when there is maximum movement from work areas and offices.
  • Investigation of prospective employees’ backgrounds may eliminate potential threats.
  • Consider changing locks after the discharge of any employees who had keys, access to keys or safe combinations. If business keys are lost, change the lock. All re-keying must be done through the Property Management Office
  • Personnel carrying keys to premises should never have any identifying tags on their key rings, since loss of a key ring would enable a dishonest finder to locate and use business keys to gain illegal entry.
  • If personnel carrying keys park in garages that require leaving keys in the auto ignition, they should leave only the car keys. Duplicates can readily be made from other keys on the ring.
  • Never leave the reception area unattended with the door unlocked. Extra care should be taken regarding small items such as radios, pocket calculators, pens and desk ornaments.
  • Checkbooks and other valuable corporate property should be locked up.
  • Avoid giving keys to outsiders for special deliveries or for early/late arrival for special purposes.
  • Serial numbers of all important corporate items should be recorded to aid police in recovering property in the event of loss or theft.

Immediately report to Security or the Property Management Office any strangers loitering in the building. If any equipment or valuables are lost, report it to the police, your insurance company and the Property Management Office.